What’s for … breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Someone asked me yesterday what I eat and if making separate meals from my family is difficult.  Usually if I’m eating something different (which is usually at dinner) from my family, it’s just a little tweak for me based on what they are having.  I don’t normally make something completely different.  i.e. my family had spaghetti with ground turkey the other day, instead of me having that (which would feel heavy in my tummy as I was going to yoga later) I had lettuce wraps with some of the ground turkey.


Today was a pretty basic day food wise:

  • Breakfast was plain skim milk yogurt with some Qi’a (chia seed mix)
  • Morning Snack of grapefruit and a few pumpkin seeds
  • Lunch was Wasa Crackers, tuna fish, cream cheese, veggies, celery with peanut butter and dates
  • Dinner will be leftovers from yesterday (chicken breast with some coconut, ginger, dahl I made last night)
  • OH and I have my morning coffee with some cream too … can’t quite give up coffee


As for getting my workouts in this week, I had 2 awesome training sessions with Andrea at LifeDesigns in Cloverdale (you should go check out her new studio .. her open house is this Saturday!)

I also had a great early morning cardio session (I need to update my music though, I’ve worked out to my playlist too many times!)…… any good workout music suggestions?

And I had two awesome hot yoga/pilates sessions at Oxygen Fitness in Walnut Grove

So I’m feeling pretty good this week, and pre-planning my meals and my workouts ahead of time has really helped.  Luckily Oxygen is right next door to the hockey rink where my kids play, so I’ve been going to some classes during their games.  Yes, I miss some of their games, or part of a game – however it’s all about finding some sort of balance right?  If I don’t plan to get in a yoga session during a hockey game, then I take the 30 mins prior to the start of the game (while the kids would be getting geared up) and go for a brisk walk.  Just doing my best to KEEP MOVING!



2 thoughts on “What’s for … breakfast, lunch, dinner?

  1. a hint that really really really works for me. I keep my carbs cut way back, and don’t worry about my food, ever. What a relief it is not to think about food any more, or worry about whatever goes in my mouth will be seen on my body.

    • Thanks Glory, watching my carb intake is something I am definitely working on. Everything has carbs I’ve realized lol! So I’m watching the “bad stuff” more closely and concentrating on getting good grains and carbs in 🙂

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