50 Shades of Pink – Chapter 1.

What is going to be demanded of me in the next hour? I lay down on my back. Close my eyes. 

The lights are dimmed. Candles lit. Music softly playing. I enter the room with slight trepidation.

I can feel the heat gathering in my body. The room is hot. Breathe deeply I’m told. Feet in the air.

Time to warm up those hips.

30 minutes later I’m on my hands and knees rivulets of sweat running over my body making it glisten with tiny diamonds.  There is not one part of me that isn’t soaked.  My body heat increases evermore and my skin has gone from a light shade of pink to a deeper fuchsia colour.

Up onto my toes. I’m told.

Hands in front of me as if I was to do a push-up …

Slowly slowly lowering my body. I’m shaking ..

Hovering my body just above the floor. Desperate.  I so badly want to hear a countdown so that I can release myself to the floor. My chest almost touching the floor I don’t look up. I can’t. This requires too much…concentration.

My arms are shaking and my body is screaming. I’ve never done this before. And then I release, gracefulness is lost – muscles exhausted.  I’m flat on the floor on my stomach. I can hear a couple muted groans and then the room is quiet again save for the music.

But there isn’t time for rest.

I’m back on my hands and knees, head lowered down to the ground … I somehow contort my body into a headstand with my knees resting on my bent elbows.

The hour goes by quicker than I anticipated and with regret I prepare to leave the softly lit room.

Leaving behind my regrets, I am reborn.

Calmed. Sweaty rosy cheeks.

I leave with a smile … I just finished a hot yoga class at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness and it felt sooooooo gooooood. 


50 Shades of Pink, baby.


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