A healthy vacation…? is it possible?

A healthy vacation…. can that happen?   We will soon find out!  

As I’m madly running around the house attempting to pack, trying to complete (ahead of time) 2 weeks worth of challenges for Kin’s GreenFighters, juggle the kids’ hockey schedule, work schedule and my own attempts at getting regular exercise in this week…. I’m wondering if this whole “fitness / healthy eating regime” that I’ve stuck to so well over the past while will stay that way!

Vacation is for relaxing (well as relaxing as a 2 year old allows it to be!)  We go-go-go non-stop every day of the week when we are home.  So this is a very welcome change to our everyday lives.  Do I want to exercise?                                 Actually, YES… I DO!!! 

I will be packing my exercise bands… I intend to workout – but will it happen?  Instead of lifting weights, will I be lifting a pretty drink with an umbrella?

One thing I’m HUGELY thankful for, is that we are staying in a condo – this means I can control my own food intake and don’t have to rely on restaurant cooking.  Yay … too bad I can’t pack my Vitamix!

I will have to ensure that I get in some form of regular exercise while on holiday; swimming, going for a walk – maybe even hitting the gym at the condo?  Any suggestions ?

Maybe the fact that as soon as I get back from vacation I need to weigh in and measure my waist and submit it to the Kin’s Challenge…. YIKES!

Personally I actually detest weighing myself and having a number define me, I can go up and down by 6lbs in a day!  Anyone else like that?  I think the fit of my clothes, and the way I feel are better judges as to how I’m doing.  The weigh in is a requirement and I understand the concept behind it, however I don’t find weighing myself motivating at all – it has the opposite affect on me.  I avoid the scale at all costs!  So I will just keep up with what I’m doing, fitting in exercise and healthy eating.  I feel better, more energized – so this MUST mean I’m doing something right!?

Let’s see what happens…………..


6 thoughts on “A healthy vacation…? is it possible?

  1. While it’s not exercise, I enjoy stretching on the beach. I’ve learned to care less about what i think other people are thinking and just do as I see fit. Meaning: try not to be self conscious if you take your exercise bands out on the beach…it’s not everyday you can workout in Hawaii. Surfing was great exercise too. Nothing like having loads of fun and getting a good workout.

  2. I am also struggling with the WEIGHT part as I don’t want to teach Charlie that a # means good OR bad. I am trying to not mention the numbers to people who ask and instead just mention the positive feelings I am experiencing instead. Not looking forward to the check in challenge either but just going to file it away with the pictures of me in the shorts and sports bra =) Have fun on your trip!

  3. Just enjoy being outside in the sunshine – I know you’ll do lots of running around with a two year old in tow anyway. 🙂 Eat up all the yummy fresh fruit while your there and well since we know that stress causes cortisol to release and help you gain weight, the fact that your on vacation and just chillin should help you drop a few pounds. I’m feel the same as you about the scale – i avoid it at all costs. Sometimes when I’m feeling great about myself I’ll get on the scale and then be depressed. It’s just a number. You should be so proud of yourself for doing this challenge and keeping up with it!

    • thanks M! yes I really do need to work on that whole “high stress level” that I put on myself… Maybe if I relaxed a bit a few lbs. would drop?! lol. I will weigh myself (because it’s a requirement for this challenge) I’m dreading doing it though! ha. Like you, it can sure get me down! Thanks for the encouraging words! xo

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