Everyday I’m Chauffeuring …….. (definitely not shuffling)

Yesterday I had a “day off” … the plan:


  • Make a fun breakfast for little E
  • Dishes
  • complete my upcoming 2 challenges for Kin’s GreenFighters (St. Patty’s day & Easter Challenges – as we are away on holiday)
  • Laundry
  • organize packing for holiday


  • Make lunch
  • Dishes
  • More Laundry
  • clean bathrooms & vacuum
  • older kids get home & then off to their hockey games


  • Finish up laundry & packing
  • more cleaning house
  • dinner
  • bed before 10pm (HA!)



Morning started off somewhat as planned.  Dishes got done, I made a fun healthy pancake breakfast for E (albeit in a rush)  

E loves her special Easter Pancake

E loves her special Easter Pancake

…. (oatmeal cottage cheese pancakes, you will get the recipe at Easter!).  I started a load of laundry and sat down to do some blogging, while distractedly adding to my list of “what to pack”. And of course the odd distraction from the 2 year old (that never happens right?!).   I set up my couple projects for the Easter Blog and get ready to take photos….

  • She was too quiet!
  • She decided to “Help you packing Mum!” …. so I tidy up that messTWICE!…
    clean for 5 mins

    clean for 5 mins

    …..we recently got rid of her dresser as we are re-doing her room, and so her clothes are in boxes right now – easily accessible

  • “mum it raining out I need blella”  … I walk into living room she has changed her clothes (totally normal, when home she goes through 5 outfits a day!) she’s dressed herself (backwards) and is dancing with an umbrella

    I need a blella

    I need a blella

  • try to sit E down to watch a bit of a movie and distract her so I can get my housework/challenges done

    PLEASE sit & watch TV for more than 2 mins

    PLEASE sit & watch TV for more than 2 mins

  • Phone beeps it’s the familiar “text tone” for son:  “not enough drivers for field trip can you come to school”  His Gr. 10 Spanish class was to go to the local Mexican Restaurant as a field trip and speak only Spanish
    need drivers ASAP

    need drivers ASAP

    How do you say No?.. It would mean they couldn’t go on the field trip

  • dress E in some clothes fit for our rainy day

    rainy day in March

    rainy day in March


  • Go pick up students at school… WAIT … there really aren’t enough drivers……………. “mom can you make 2 trips?” ………………………. And so I do, drop off at restaurant, back to school, back to restaurant…
  • Okay well while I’m out I’ll pop by my Aunt & Uncle’s for a little visit.  E starts to fall asleep in the car. We arrive at Aunt & Uncle’s “I close my eyes I sleep mum”.  I have a quick visit on the front porch.  E is fast asleep in the car.

    I close my eyes and sleep mum

    I close my eyes and sleep mum

  • Arrive home.  Unload child, PRAY she stays asleep  – NOPE!
  • go for a  walk in the rain

    rainy day walk

    rainy day walk

  • get back home
  • Attempt to start up with blog where I left off

TEXT: “mom can u come back & pick up 1st group” 

  • back to restaurant – get kids, drop at school.
  • rush home – attempt to feed E lunch (LATE!)
  • throw more laundry on
  • dishes
  • finish blog

Oldest daughter “Mom I have hockey evals”… RIGHT! …… EAT…. QUICK!!!!

Son: I can get a ride home BUT can you drive me to ball hockey” (same time … different hockey rink, other part of town)

Thank god C was home from work  in time so I didn’t have to load little E into the car!  SUCH a relief! … a quick “HI” at the door as we pass by each other

  • Drive to daughters hockey
  • drop her off
  • take son to his hockey
  • turn around go get daughter
  • cancel yoga as I wasn’t going to make it in time


  • dinner
  • dishes
  • finish writing packing list
  • start packing

A fairly normal busy day – things rarely go as planned.  I’m sure many of your households are like this as well!… it’s nothing new for families to be busy!


I didn’t eat when I should have, I forgot to drink water until about 3:30, I let the TV babysit E for a while … I didn’t get exercise in, I didn’t get to bed by 10pm.  I won’t call this day a “failure”.  It wasn’t.  I DID have healthy food when I ate (few bites of E’s healthy pancake, a quinoa salad, turkey avocado lettuce wraps).  So that’s a bonus, this healthy eating challenge is really helping me not just “give in and give up” and reach for junk.  My son and his classmates were able to go on their field trip, I was able to have a quick visit with my Aunt & Uncle, I got SOME packing done, both kids got to their respective hockey rinks on time. I got my blogs done for the challenges.  So, instead of dwelling on the negative (yup I tend to do that!) I looked at the positives that happened.  No, it wasn’t a “perfect” day – but in reality, no day can possibly be.  There’s always something thrown in, and that is what makes life fun (okay and frustrating & hectic at times too!)  And so bring on the next challenging day, I’ve learned from this one and will be even more prepared next time (I hope!) 

OH NO……… She’s quiet again! …… signing off!

is it too early to have a glass of my favourite wine?

Satruna Island Family Winery

Satruna Island Family Winery


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