my back … it hurts

I’ve been telling my Dr. this for months and months now… stretching, exercise, X-rays … nothing

Today I got my CT scan results.  

Lots of medical words that I’m going to have to look up… (I got her to print report for me)

Basically :

  • A disc bulge at L3-4 that flattens the anterior thecal sac
  • A moderate circumferential disc bulge at L4-5 that indents the anterior thecal sac
  • Early spinal canal stenosis
  • A disc bulge at L5-S1 .. greater on left … contacting my S1nerve root
  • Mild spondylosis

So now… on to an MRI

Dr. told me to lose weight (insert cynical laugh here!) ummmm YES, that IS what I’ve been attempting to do for 6 months!  Why I’ve come to you repeatedly asking “what’s wrong” “something isn’t right”.  The answer:  don’t eat late at night, cut your carbs.  BIG SIGHHHH  

And work on my core, once again .. I’ve been doing this for months.  Not that I expect instant results, but I’d hope something would have happened (in the weight loss department) by now.  And the pain? It doesn’t get any better.

At the very least, I know that all those times that I’m in tears trying to walk up the stairs, or that I feel like I’m really OLD when I get up out of bed in the morning… barely able to take a few steps at first.  They aren’t in my head, I’m not dreaming up pain.  I know why Advil etc. does nothing.  I just “grin and bear it”.  Pain is constant, some days way worse than others.  However, life goes on – there’s other people out there dealing with more pain and sickness than this…  and so … I grit my teeth and keep going.  It’s not the end of the world!  Hopefully there will be more information once I get my MRI.

I do my exercises that my physiotherapist gave me, I do yoga, I stretch, I workout, I lift weights, I do cardio, I log my food, I eat my veggies, I drink my water, I rarely drink alcohol, I rarely eat packaged foods, I pay attention to what I’m eating, I take my vitamins … is that not enough? One day it will all come together right? And the pounds will drop?

I’ll keep lacing up my shoes, I’ll keep eating well, going to yoga, exercising, walking  – I’ll continue to make my body better and healthier!

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2 thoughts on “my back … it hurts

  1. Hey Angie…….more in common we have!!!! Bulging and ruptured discs run rampant at the McCreadie household. Andy is worse than I but he is much better since he switched jobs which involved hours of walking. Keep up with the yoga, stretch, stretch, stretch and invest in a great ice pack. Ice keeps the swelling in the muscle around the disc down and its the swelling pinching the nerve in and beside the disc that cause the pain. When the disc is pinched the muscles spasm around it to protect it – ice is your friend.

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