About Me

It is just another day in the suburbs.

Lightening fast breakfasts, healthy lunches made, 2 kids to school, another to potty train, a house to clean, a Facebook status to update, five days to put in at the office, a photography business to kick start, and toys to put away…again. After school it is time for hockey, then driving a teen to and from work, squeeze in an hour somewhere hopefully with her super awesome amazing partner Crystal, then a full collapse in to bed only to do it all over again once the sun rises.

Wait….when did dinner happen?

Is there time for yoga?

Do the kids have clean socks for tomorrow?

Angie Bunnell is the epitome of the mothering balancing act. The buzzing pace of life that can often leave a girl’s coffee cup empty and the toast burnt. She creates delicious and innovative meals (deer poop salad anyone?) that even her three children will scarf down, not even blinking at the 7 different types of vegetables and grains she sneaks in to the recipe.

With a family history of cancer and a very personal near miss with breast cancer a few years ago, the stark reality of the disease hit too close to home, created just enough fear, and galvanized Angie to shift her perspective on her health and lifestyle choices.

Pass the ground flax and chia seeds, this girl is getting real.

Angie’s ultimate goal is to be a role model for her children and to be around long enough to drive them insane when they have children of their own. To hold Crystal’s hand when both of them are sprinkled with liver spots and wrinkles. To show other busy women that they are worth the investment of a healthy lifestyle and that it is possible between hockey, swimming, drama classes, and homework.

And she wouldn’t say no to smaller jeans either.

thank you to the brilliant Ginger Hartman of www.theginger.org for the bio


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. …and you even take time to “smell the roses”, and to be there for friends and family, whether for a social gathering or for a listening ear. Yup, that’s my daughter!

  2. Hi Angie,
    Great blog!
    I’m a graphic designer and work for the Surrey-North Delta Leader.
    We will be running a few ads in our paper directing readers to follow your
    progress in the Kin’s Farm Market Green Fighters Challenge,
    and would like to obtain your permission to copy your quotes
    or tidbits of info from your blog, as well as updated pictures, if relevant.
    Please contact me via email if you like.

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